Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Driving up to The Tutwiler you are struck by the beauty and architecture of this historic building. Lonnie and I were invited by the wonderful Trisha Conrad to have lunch and to take a tour of the hotel. When we arrived we were greeted with smiling faces and felt most welcome. We were soon joined by Trisha and we made our way down the hall  to the Century Restaurant. It was great catching up and talking with a fellow wedding professional about the industry and the ever changing trends. We were presented our menus and then placed our orders.

The Hummus was delicious.

and the crabcakes...

Blueberry cheesecake? I think so..

During lunch Trisha was nice enough to give us some history on the Tutwiler.

The current building known as the Tutwiler actually started out as an apartment building for young single professionals. It was built in 1914 and was named the Ridgely Apartments. It was renamed the Tutwiler in 1985 after an extensive renovation. The original Tutwiler was located on the corner of 5th Avenue North and 20th Street. It was demolished in 1974 to make way for the First Alabama Bank building which is now Regions Plaza. The current Tutwiler is equipped with 149 rooms, several banquet rooms, a breakfast area and tons of charm. If you are looking for a fantastic venue for a wedding or any other large gathering this gives you a great since of history and old world ambiance. Here are some images of this beautiful venue.

King Tut, The Tutwiler mascot.




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