Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Now is the height of wedding season.  The weather is beautiful, flowers are blooming and brides are getting ready to walk down the aisle. You might be considering having a child or children in your wedding party.  An adorable round face might be hard to resist.  Before you go shopping for that mini tuxedo, take a look at some of the pros and cons of having a child in your wedding party.



Children are adorable in their cute little outfits. 

People love seeing their children participate in the wedding ceremony.

No one will be offended their child was invited.

Family photo’s look great with funny kid pictures.

Children make people laugh during ceremonies.

It makes memories for the children and is a great way to include them.

Weddings are family celebrations and having young and old makes for wonderful memories.



If you don’t invite children, you might upset family members who disagree with your “adult only wedding”

Children cry, scream and throw tantrums. It's not so cute when it happens during your vows.

Children get bored and sitting still during first dances, speeches and dinner isn’t always easy.

Some parents feel letting their child run around the dance floor while guests are dancing is okay.  But is that ok with you and your other guests?

Guests might leave early because “little Johnny needs to go to bed”.  You spent a lot of money on your big day so it might be nice if your guests to stay until the end.

It’s not uncommon for the cute little flower girl to break into tears at the top of the aisle and refuse to walk.

Kids break things.  How much did that centerpiece cost?

Children fight with each other - yes even at weddings.

Photos can be difficult with a tired child that you're trying to keep clean.

Of course, it's your wedding so it comes down to your own personal preference.  You might consider letting your younger (under the age of 3) children stay home.  There are always other options for those children you really want to involve.  Instead of participating in the ceremony, why not have the little girls hand out bird seed or bubbles for your departure?  This involves them and gives them something to do during the reception.  Ready to rent that mini tuxedo?  Give us a call at (205) 252-3600 and let us help with your wedding.