Wednesday, July 06, 2016
Talmadge? Talmadge who?
That is a very good question. Some of you who follow Mr Burch and my personal Facebook page may have noticed some posts including a well-dressed (most of the time) mannequin we have named Talmadge. Where did he come from? He was hiding in the warehouse, deep in our shipping department. Amongst all the other mannequins he was the one with a smile on his face and a 3 inch layer of dust covering his entire form. The idea came to me while making plans to take a vacation to Gatlinburg, Tennesse. Why not take a mannequin with me and not only show the beautiful sites but also showcase some of the great looking tuxedos and suits Mr Burch has in inventory? The plan was in motion.
The name Talmadge was my Grandfather’s name and seemed appropriate, meshing an old name with the world today. It is also a very unique name that people will not forget. 
Once I got approval from the bosses, which took a little convincing, I was quick to put in tuxedo orders for Talmadge to wear on our trip. Trying to explain to my family that I would be bringing a mannequin with me on our trip was met with laughter and a couple of “have you lost your mind?” looks. After I explained the idea they were more receptive but still had their reservations. I was especially worried that Talmadge might scare my nephew, 5, and my nieces, 4 and 1. Surprisingly they found him quite interesting and fun and helped me with him. The looks that I received as I was walking down the sidewalk in Gatlinburg are priceless and a huge thanks to my sister, Mary Dillard, for doing most of the photography.
We had a blast with him on our trip. We went to the Smoky Mountain National Park, The Apple Barn, downtown Gatlinburg, and many other places. (See Facebook for our family vacay photos.)
Since our trip he has been relaxing for a bit but he has plans on visiting local businesses, landmarks, and other wedding vendors. Where will he be next? Who knows. He might show up at your door soon. 
Would you like Talmadge to visit you?  Let us know.

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